Photo equipment designed for e-commerce

Specialists in computer controlled photographic equipment, ScanCube has developed compact solutions for visual creation.

These photo-video studio booths are renowned for their many advantages: speed, simplicity, quality and economy.

All the hardware and software have been designed to automate and assist the user’s work process. Whatever your industry, we have a solution for your needs. The diversity and satisfaction of our customers testify to this.

Do you need product photos, 360° animations and enriched packshots for your e-commerce site or catalogs, for communication and marketing ?

Animations 360°powered by ScanCube

Why ScanCube?

  • Because your customers use their eyes over-all to inform themselves before buying,
  • Because the richness and interactivity of visuals of a site will also create trust and attractiveness…
  • Because your time and photo budget are not unlimited.

Checkout everything that a ScanCube booth can do for you..

Packshot shoe ScanCube308

10+1 reasons to choose ScanCube

With EasyPreset and Automask technologies, ScanCube provides e-commerce with unmatched functional simplicity in order to help easily create product photos and 360° animations.

Since the launch of the first computer controlled photo-video studio booth, ScanCube has continued to put its know-how into research for quality and simplicity.

Word of mouth did the rest; Scancube is today the first European manufacturer in this market. Customers in more than 40 countries on 5 continents have chosen ScanCube… Why? For what reasons?

Our research and development program has received support from Bpifrance. We have also been awarded a two labels, the first from Cap-Digital Competitiveness and Digital Transformation section, and the second from Picom Commercial Industries Competitiveness section..

The functions that will help you save time.

Easy Preset



Ghost Image

Smart Copy

Variable angles

The ScanCube photo studio booths are fully computer controlled by our own EasyScanCube software. Renowned for its ergonomics and intuitivity, this software has many innovations.