#The compact studio concept

Light is the key to successful photography and yet it is also its main difficulty. ScanCube developed in 2009 the first compact photo studio equipped with FLC® technology (Full Light Control). This continuous innovation has created a box including 6 light sources. Remotely controlled by our EasyScanCube software, the connected booth modulates the power of each luminous source so as to instantly adapt to the characteristics of the product to be photographed.

Moreover, EasyScanCube controls and synchronizes all other equipment that make up the ScanCube system: digital camera, the laser for quick and precise centering, the turntable for 360° animations. It also automates all processes, from the picture taking to the creation of visuals and their file: in jpeg, tiff, png or raw; animations in html, gif or swf; videos in mov.

Creation, composition and rendering are also helped by many features: Automatic framing and cropping, position memory, dual cameras, animation script, multiformat save, stacking (hyperfocus) comparison table…

With ScanCube technology, producing quality photos or animations becomes much more accessible, not only in terms of simplicity and size but also in terms of cost.


#How does it work?

1 Place the product
2 Choose a model
3 Launch then visualize

Place the product to be photographed inside the light booth.

You can see on your screen the product as it will be photographed. The software’s interface, simple and intuitive, is organized around this preview: different tools assist you to position the product and reframe the image automatically according to your saved preferences. If you are creating an animation with the turntable, the software centre as precisely as possible. Accessories allow you to take vertical pictures, suspend a handle, a strap, and much more.

Choose a model photo similar to the object to be photographed.

In your model photos album, click on an object similar to the product to be photographed. With this click, you have just set your studio lights up according to the product as well set up the camera. Through your screen, you can control, in real-time simulation, the result. If you wish, you can make changes or enable automatic correction. If you are concerned about simplicity or if you are a professional, you can go much further, the software will accompany you (stacking, advanced settings …).

Select the type of visual you need and start the creation process.

The software remembers your habits, but only a single click is needed to change things. The computer controls the various hardware elements and synchronizes the optional turntable. Automatically saved on your computer in the various requested formats, the image or animation is immediately available. You can create anything from photos with or without automatic cropping, 360° packshots, taking pictures at varying angles, stop motion, enriched or scripted animations, videos…

2 minutes and 20 seconds later…

If, for example, the user chooses to create a 360° animation using the assistant, here is the result he or she will get 2 minutes and 20 seconds later.

Light, the quality asset

A shoe does not require the same light as a wine bottle, a metal surface will reflect whereas a matte surface will not. This is why a light booth must always be able to adapt its lights to various products.

The reputation of our ScanCube studios has been built partly on this quality as well as their functional simplicity.

#A ScanCube studio, to do what?

The ScanCube studios have been designed to allow e-shops to easily create visual information and attractiveness.

Depending on the nature of the products and your customers’ requirements, you will need to make different types of visuals. With EasyScanCube, simply open the wizard and select a production process. Here are some examples of what you can create:

You obtain a photo the size you need, from a thumbnail to an HD picture to zoom in on details. The background is completely white as soon as the picture is taken.

For a transparent background in png format, or to change the background’s color.

Choose the number of photos in a complete revolution as well as your animation’s style.

The best solution to display glasses and many other products.

Let your imagination run wild.

A truly recordable script, the wizard offers you unlimited possibilities.

Video to communicate on social networks.

For unmatched sharpness over the entire depth of a product; widely used in jewelry photography.

#Remarkable functions

The EasyScanCube software does not just control and automate visual creation procedures.

Indeed, as well as automatic cropping and the creation of perfectly or transparent backgrounds, it also offers many other functions adapted to your needs, in order to help you increase productivity and help with creation.

One click: The lights, image treatments and other settings are automatically changed.