What is the life expectancy of the LEDs included in the ScanCube booth?

The life expectancy of the LEDs in your ScanCube can exceed 45000 hours. They will last 40 000 hours minimum which corresponds to more than 20 years of operation.

What is the use of running-in the fluocompact lamps?

Running-in fluorescent and fluocompact lamps optimizes their use. Without, the lamps age more quickly (with a risk of blinking), use up more energy and lose lighting quality (a reduction in their lighting level and color rendering index). This running-in, often ignored, is particularly important in photography and anywhere the quality of light is essential.
It is highly important that these lights work perfectly even when adjusted.This running-in involves getting the electrodes within the lamp to a temperature when a series of physicochemical reactions begin. As advised by manufacturers such as Osram, Sylvana or Philips, the running-in is effective after 100 continuous hours of lamp use.This much needed procedure, also called “burn-up”, is more than often forgotten due to carelessness or incompetence.
Intent on providing high quality solutions, ScanCube is the only manufacturer of compact studio booths to supply prepared lamps. Conscious of environmental issues, we have created an energy recovery system which allows us to run-in the lamps while heating part of our offices.