Does automatic clipping provide a vector outline as a Bezier curve ?

The automatic clipping developed by Scancube isolates the photographed subject from its background. This generates an alpha channel type clipping mask to generate a png image in which the background becomes transparent without vector outline.

How is EasyScanCube updated?

EasyScanCube benefits from free and automatic updates*. This requires that your PC be connected to the Internet. When the software starts, the system connects to our servers to check the number of the latest update available. If an update is available, the system will offer to perform the update. After accepting, the system installs the update; it usually takes 1-2 minutes (if you are not connected to the Internet, you will be able to update your software manually).
*Note: Do not confuse update and upgrade. An update is a software evolution that includes bug fixes, feature enhancements, adaptations to changes in the IT and photographic environment (changes in operating systems, browsers, cameras).
An upgrade is a major new release, characterized by new features. Most often these major versions also benefit from many improvements to existing features, in terms of ergonomics and code optimization.ScanCube updates are free so long as the version is developed.For more information about updates and upgrades, please refer to the Updates page.

What languages are supported by EasyScanCube ?

EasyScanCube can be configured in English, French, Italian.
The user can at any time switch from one language to another by restarting the software after you change this setting in the Preferences.

Can I photograph in RAW ?

Yes, the EasyScanCube software can take photos in RAW format. Be advised, to “develop” the pictures you need an external specialized software, which EasyScanCube is not.
EasyScanCube allows you to control the rendering of your photo by allowing you to view the image in jpg format. After validation, the picture is saved again in RAW format.