A ScanCube studio, what for ?

The ScanCube studios have been designed so that users in the digital economy industry are able to easily create appealing photography. Depending on the nature of the products and your customers’ requirements, you will need to create different types of visuals. With EasyScanCube, you only need to open the creation assistant wizard and select a production process. Here are some examples of what you would be able to create.

Fixed visuals

High Definition Photography
High definition packshots include the possibility of zooming in using html coding (using several possible versions, from magnifying glass to full screen). The background can be set to be perfectly white.

Varied angle shooting
With just a few clicks, get up to 12 photos of the same product from different angles, that can be prerecorded by the user (front, three-quarters, 90°, and a back view for example).

Clipped image
For a transparent background in png format, or to change the background’s color.

Focus-stacking photography (hyperfocus)
For unmatched sharpness over the entire depth of a product; widely used in jewelry photography.

Animated Visuals

Packshot 360°
Choose the number of photos in a complete revolution as well as your animation’s style. With ScanCube, your animations are responsive. They adapt to the viewer’s screen size, which helps your websites benefit from better natural referencing.

Wiper animation
The best solution to display glasses and many other products.

Stop Motion Animation
Let your imagination run wild

Scripted Animation
A truly recordable script, the wizard offers you unlimited possibilities.

360° Video
Video to communicate on social networks.