EasyScanCube software features

The EasyScanCube software controls all the equipment that make up the photo studio system, and manages still and animated photo shooting processes, the basis of EasyScanCube. However, connecting the camera, the lights, the turntable and various other accessories together adds another dimension to the system. The real purpose of the technology developed around computer-controlled studios is twofold:

  • to simplify the user’s work ;
  • to enrich their possibilities of creation and production

EasyPreset, 1-click setting

With the EasyPreset function, the user no longer needs to worry about his or her photo booth’s many settings: the computer takes care of almost everything. They simply have to click on a template photo similar to the product to be photographed.

The studio is then instantly operational: the camera, the lighting, the turntable and image corrections are automatically set up. The preview on the screen allows you to check the quality of the result.

For us automation should facilitate productivity without being a constraint. Thus the operator who wants to can work on the resulting picture by changing their settings from the software’s interface.

Depending on their experience and on the work needed, photographers use EasyPreset to either benefit from its speed or complete automation, or to accelerate the set-up of more personal settings.

Automask, automatic background removal

Our Automask technology automatically removes pixels around photographed products in order to obtain either a transparent background or a perfectly white background. The resulting image can be saved in PNG to be placed on a colored background or over a texture.

Automask is a ScanCube patent, filed in 2010, which combines edge detection algorithms with an automated double image procedure. A more powerful and faster version of the technology is now incorporated into version 2.1 of EasyScanCube.

Xdfocus, hyperfocus sharpness

Photography of objects in close-up or macro mode does not allow to obtain a perfectly clear image over the entire depth of the product, the fault of the laws of optics. To work around this problem there is a technique known as focus-stacking or hyperfocus.
This technique involves taking several pictures of the object, while gradually moving the focus zone. These images are then assembled into a single picture composed of the sharper parts of each.The conventional process of this mode requires specialized equipment and time. With EasyScanCube, the process becomes simple: the software automatically manages the sequence of pictures, whose number is configurable. An optional module provides the final assembly for a perfectly clear picture.

Want to test the quality of a ScanCube studio with your own products?

Instant framing

Creating visuals usually requires, in particular for e-commerce sites, a specific set of proportions, 400 x 600 pixels for example. In conventional photography processes, the user takes the picture then reframes it in an image editing software. With ScanCube, framing to the right proportions is done from the start.
For this, the user can use a cropping frame that appears over the preview which automatically takes the width / height proportions requested; no need to calculate the dimensions around the product. After the photo is taken, the software keeps the image within the frame.

AutoCrop, automatic cropping

For even greater productivity, ScanCube offers a fully automated cropping solution. The operator enters the width / height proportions he needs to get as well as the white margin size that will surround the product in the final image.
With the AutoCrop function, the cropping frame adjusts automatically around the object according to the above rules. These values are stored and remain active until they are changed. Despite this automation, the user retains the ability to change the frame calculated by the software.

Double Frame

It is sometimes necessary to photograph objects with a frame tightly set around their outline to cutout the sides of the booth or the turntable, thus not within the requested proportions. ScanCube has resolved this issue by enabling the user to define two frames over the preview.
The first is used to keep only the object in the picture, the second includes the first and defines the size of the image according to the desired proportion. In the resulting picture, the area between the 2 frames is filled with white.

The value of all these features is measured by the results you can achieve. Find out what you can do with a ScanCube

Ghost image to position products

Do you need to photograph a series of products from the same angle? Do you need to find the position of an object photographed in a previous session?
With the ghosting function, object placement becomes extremely simple and accurate. The method involves selecting a photo where a product is placed in the same position. The picture, called ghost image, appears in transparency over the preview of the object to be photographed. The degree of transparency of this image is adjustable at will. To correctly position this object, the user will just move it so as to have it coincide on the screen with the ghost image. You can similarly find the camera’s angle in that way.
You will also be able to place overlay horizontal and vertical guides over your preview screen.


This add-on is interesting for e-shops created with Prestashop. It helps the user to quickly integrate on their e-commerce website visuals made with the EasyScanCube software, such as html animations or packshots. Creator-Addshop is compatible with all versions of Prestashop.


Whether you want to protect your photos by adding a watermark or bring an additional level of information to your customers, the watermark function will allow you to do this with ease to all your still photos or animations.
The size, style and placement of the watermark are fully configurable.


With SmartCopy, record multiple types of formats with one click. You will be able to set predefined parameters such as image size, format, resolution, name, destination folder…

Simultaneous management of 2 cameras

To increase productivity, EasyScanCube offers the possiblity to work with 2 cameras connected to the computer.
This feature is particularly appreciated when you need to take front and vertical shots.
To increase productivity, EasyScanCube offers the possiblity to work with 2 cameras connected to the computer.

This feature is particularly appreciated when you need to take front and vertical shots.

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