The Accessories

ScanCube designs and develops a series of accessories to make it easier to shoot your objects and increase your productivity..

Topshot :
Vertical shot

Examples of vertical shots made with the Topshot accessory.

With the Topshot, easily take top view shots of your products. This accessory is fixed above the lighting box and allows the user to position the camera over the backlit floor, vertically above the objects to be photographed.
The height of the Topshot can be adjusted with the extension columns according to the size of the lens used.
Easy to use, this accessory turns your booth into a flat lighting table.

Nylon wire suspension

The suspension by nylon thread is an essential accessory for taking photographs of objects with parts that need to be maintained in the air.
With this accessory, items such as bag handles or shoe straps are quickly held up in position.
The system is almost invisible and allows you to adjust wire’s tension and length.
Examples of products photographed using the “nylon wire suspension” accessory.
Examples of a 360° animation using the “nylon wire suspension” accessory.

Laser centering
For quick 360° animation setup

Before creating a 360° animation, it is imperative to perfectly center the product to be photographed. Without visual help this operation can be long and tedious.

To resolve this issue, we have developed a centering device by means of a computer controlled laser that draws a luminous cross over the product.

The user will thus only need to place the center of the object at the intersection of this luminous cross.

Packshot 360 ° of a fruit juice pack, centered in seconds thanks to the laser centering accessory

This roughly centered packshot exemplifies the importance of good centering

to photograph bottles

Taking pictures of bottles can sometimes present difficulties, especially if the liquid contained is dark. This is the case for most bottles of red wine that reflect everything around them, including the color of the floor on which they are placed. If the floor is light coloured, the wine in the bottom of bottle seems milky, if it is dark it becomes impossible to get a picture on a white background without reworking the image in post-production software such as Photoshop.

To solve this problem, ScanCube has developed the Lumipod, a patented system that holds the object to be photographed up, as if it were levitating.
This accessory is in the form of a lit column on which the user sets the product to be photographed. In the resulting photo this base becomes invisible.
This accessory is very useful to take photos of products on which the floor could provide reflections: bottles, flasks, jars, aerosols…

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