The ScanCube Photo Studio 308

The packshot producing machine

The ScanCube 308 photo-video studio booth is the perfect tool for capturing medium-sized objects in high definition. The ScanCube 308 can be equipped with an e-view360 turntable to create animated packshots and presentation videos of your products, immediately publishable on your e-commerce site or social networks.
Combining simplicity of use and advanced features, the ScanCube 308 video photo studio adapts to your needs to enable you to produce attractive visuals of professional quality.

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Examples of use

The ScanCube 308 video photo studio is ideal for your packshots of:

  • Leather goods
  • Games and toys
  • Sports and leisures

  • Telephony
  • Hardware and tools
  • Tableware and small decoration

ScanCube 308 Capacity

See all the featuresThe 308 video photo studios can photograph any type of object smaller than:

Without the turntable:

  • in vertical shooting *: max. base of the product = 56 x 50 cm
  • in front shooting *: width = 48 cm / height = 66 cm

With the turntable:

  • in front *: max. diagonal of the base of the product = 40 cm / height = 55 cm

The 308 backlit floor is designed to support a load of 35 kg.


With the EasyScanCube software, you benefit from many features allowing you to automate your shooting of photos produced:

  • Automated stacking
  • Automatic clipping and cropping
  • Ghost image and position memory
  • Centering
  • Animations

* The dimensions max. products likely to be photographed in the boxes of the video studio scancube 308 are given as an indication; depending on the shape of the products, these dimensions can be revised upwards or downwards. To work with ease, it is advisable to remove 3 to 5 cm at the indicated values.

Technical characteristics

Internal dimensions: 56 (W) x 62 (D) x 70 (H)

External dimensions: 60 x 70 x 88

Packaged dimensions: 73 x 82 x 107

Weight of the box: 47 kg

Box weight + package + pallet: 70 kg

dimensions interne et externe du studio photo scancube 308
Dimensions are in centimeters (Width x Depth x Height)

Your photo studio is delivered ready to use and contains:


  • 1 EasyScanCube Software License
  • 1 picture box 308
  • 1 photo tripod
  • Connectors: 1 USB cable angled 3m, 1 mini USB cable 3m, and, depending on configurations, one or two external 220V / 24V power supply of 280 W Meanwell brand.

Optional turntable pack:

  • 1 e-view tray360 S
  • an on-board and 1 PVC disc
  • 1 tray power cable about 50cm.


Détail du matériel livré avec le studio photo vidéo scancube 308

The system controls 6 independent light sources, each adjustable from 0 to 100%. The “Full Light Control” technology developed by ScanCube makes it possible to adapt the lighting environment to the characteristics of each product. The 4 sources of direct lighting placed in the corners at the front of the box are composed of very high quality LED plates, whose color rendering index is greater than 96% (color temperature 5400 ° Kelvin).


The lighting system is complemented by two backlighting sources located at the back and under the floor of the box. This backlight makes it possible to obtain photos with a perfectly white background and is used for the automatic trimming process (Automask patent ScanCube).

The ScanCube 308 photo studio is composed of:

  • A structure that avoids angular points, unwanted reflections and shadow areas made of aluminum profiles and aluminum honeycomb technical panels.
  • Wide front access and no permanent door to allow easy placement of products to photograph and positioning the camera with the desired angle and the recoil imposed by the dimensions of the product, while avoiding a source of unsightly reflections.
  • Walls designed to diffuse or reflect light with six sources of adjustable lights.
  • An upper compartment closed by a sliding door with a quick fastening system to install exclusive accessories such as the TopShot, vertical adjustable shooting stand, laser beam centering system, nylon wire suspension.

The ScanCube 308 has a secure 24V DC power supply. The power source consists of one or two of the Meanwell brand 220V / 24V 220W external power supply (supplied with the box).

The box is equipped with 4 24 V sockets to power accessories or options such as the turntable.

For an optimal use of all our photo studios, we recommend the use of a computer equipped with an Intel i5 or i7 processor, with at least 8GB of memory.

You will find in our FAQ a detailed article on the optimal configuration of your workstation.

Characteristics of the turntable

plateau tournant pour la réallisation d'animation 360 de vos produits

The turntable associated with the photo studio scancube allows the realization of animation and 360 degree view of your product photos.

Powered by the EasyScanCube software, the turntable is composed of a rotating table and a removable on-plate with a diameter of 550 mm and 110 mm in height.

With a total weight of 7kg, the eview 360s turntable can support a load of 25kg.

Powered electrically 24V DC from the box the tray is connected to the computer with a USB2 cable. The sequential rotation of the tray is automated to synchronize it with the shooting.

Out of the box this turntable can receive trays of e 710 or 800 mm in diameter. An external power supply (optional) is required for use of the tray outside the photo studio


Compatible cameras

See our FAQ for a list of digital cameras compatible with ScanCube photo studios.