The Company

Our Corporate Culture

# Our History

The ScanCube photo studios are born of a two-fold observation:

Firstly, selling on the internet requires creating a relationship of trust through rich and attractive visual information. An approximate presentation of your articles can have serious consequences: poor appreciation of the characteristics of the products, disgruntled customers and consequently deteriorated brand image and expensive returns.

Secondly, in 2008, e-commerce lacked an effective tool to produce such visuals at lesser costs. Photo budgets are not extensible and e-commerce needs to be very responsive.

Through its brand ScanCube, Altawak Technologies has responded to this need by bringing to the market the very first fully computer-controlled photo-video studio. Our experience of over twenty years in digital imagery has allowed us to design productive solutions, known not only for their efficiency and quality but also for their ease of use.

Our primary target, the e-commerce industry, has rapidly expanded to reach many other industry areas that we did not initially think about. Our solutions are used for sales and marketing of course, but also for quality control, logistics, packaging creation, prototype development, communication, archiving and cataloging, teaching, laboratory research…

Today, we have customers in 54 countries, users of all sizes, from very small businesses to multinationals. Dozens of internationally known brands, big names in the industry, retail and luxury, have chosen ScanCube after performing comparative tests. As proof of their satisfaction, some of them have, after a first investment, equipped their subsidiaries with our solutions. With this feedback, we continue to invest in research to maintain our technological edge.

The reason for this success is largely due to innovations from our research programs whose main objective is to meet the needs of users by simplifying tasks. Thus our engineers are at the origin of many patents such as automatic cropping using double photos. Today we release version 2 of our EasyPreset technology, which automatically adjusts our shooting studios according to the characteristics of the product to be photographed. With a single click on a template image, the user adjusts camera settings, lights, positioning and visual features.

The story continues. Tomorrow our studios will benefit from artificial intelligence. We are working on it.

# Our corporate culture: the service

In our corporate culture, our work does not stop at developing the best tool for making packshots, 360° animations, enriched animations or product videos. Whatever the efficiency of our solutions, our clients need advice and services. Most of them are not specialists in image and visual communication; our goal is to provide them support using our knowledge in order to help out their own know-how.

We are resolutely committed to this support process. This can include online help, training, support on related topics, our automatic update service or even specific development for better integration of our tools into our clients’ workflows.

We are also listening to users to integrate their comments and requests into our development programs.

# A production made in France

All our research and development, sales force and assistance teams are based in Paris. Production and logistics are provided in partnership with SIAM, located in the Pays de la Loire region, and a network of specialized subcontractors.
In the minds of our customers, “Made in France” rhymes with high prices. Our manufacturing and quality control processes allow us to demonstrate the opposite: our solutions today have the best quality / price ratio on the market. There is another good reason for this: our customers provide us with the best advertisement.

Continuous innovations

2009 – Altawak, creator of the ScanCube brand, presents, at the e-commerce trade show in Paris, the very first computer-controlled photo studio, equipped with six sources of dimmable lights. The creation of 360° packshots and animations becomes accessible to everyone.

2010 – birth of automatic cropping through double photo (Patent Altawak / ScanCube).

2011 – Altawak commercializes its photo studios 204, 308, 516 and 626, equipped with a led backlighting and a rotating turntable synchronized with the camera to create animated packshots.

2012-2014 – The EasyScanCube software, which drives the static and animated visuals, is enriched with new exclusive functions: phantom image positioning, video and RAW format management, laser animation centering, multi-angle image capture, batch processing, automatic framing, double framing, automatic image correction, enhanced packshots, as well as the development of advanced features such as the Xdfocus function which allows automated focus-stacking shooting, combined with a hyperfocus assembly.

2015-2017 – With the integration of its EasyPreset technology, ScanCube further simplifies the photo-video studio set-up. Development of the proprietary file format ScanZ makes it possible to modify at will an image from the original while keeping consistent quality. It also allows you to swap settings with other users as well as transmit to our technical support the complete photo-video studio settings so that he can advise you with all the information to hand.

The SmartCopy feature simplifies the production of different formats and sizes of visuals from a single shot.

Altawak replaces its fluorescent tube direct lights with a new generation of LED that offer a quality of light equivalent to that of the best traditional lamps (with a Color Rendering Index greater than 96%).

2018-2019 – Innovation continues when ScanCube invests in I.A. and develops EasyScanCube 3, a new generation of automated process control software.