Cusotomer testimonials

A very useful tool when you have a large volume of products to take pictures of each season. Its 360° option helps a lot as the customer can see the shoe in multiple angles.

Masa Vegra

I am the head graphics designer for a small trading company. To maintain our website we needed a quick solution to update our products’ images. We saw the ScanCube and other similar products in several tradeshows. We managed to get in contact with customers using similar solutions so as to compare their image quality. After a few months of comparisons, emails, Excel sheets and phone calls, we have opted for the ScanCube 308e360.The two factors that made me choose the ScanCube was the photo quality and service. I am delighted.When I had a small technical problem, they immediately helped and responded effectively. I do not regret my choice.

Monica Benet

Head Graphic Designer

Thank you so much for all your patience, kindness and the time you have given us since the beginning, when we met at the show. I hope you sell a lot of systems and everything goes for the best, because you really deserve it.

Marc Arcas Díaz

E-commerce manager