10 + 1 excellent reasons to choose ScanCube

We are the creators of the 1st completely computer controlled photo-video studio booth


Scancube has constructed the first entirely computer controlled photo-video studio booth, from the camera preferences to the light intensity.


The EasyScanCube software manages and automates the entire creative process, from focusing to creating interactive 360° animations.


Your needs evolve… We will assist you. We will innovate.
ScanCube is behind and has patented many innovations in the field of connected photography studio booths such as automatic cropping using double photos, EasyPreset technology to automatically set up your booth’s lights and the camera settings, Autocrop system to automatically frame your photo around your subject, scripted animations, reversible and repeatable corrections, XdFocus technology…


ScanCube devotes 22% of its revenu to research and development.