How is the camera connected to the computer?

The camera is connected to the computer through a mini USB cable. A cable is included with the ScanCube, either 3 or 5 meters long depending on your booth’s model.

Is there an alternative to batteries when charging the camera?

The use of the battery is not advised when using the camera with your booth: it causes constraints and loss of time. It is best to charge the battery directly from a power plug using the correct adapter.
Please find below a few examples of plug adapters and their camera models:

  • ACK-E5 for Eos 1000D, 500D, 450D,
  • ACK-E6 for Eos 5D mark II, 5D mark III, 5D mark IV, 6D mark II, 7D mark II, 6D, 7D, 60D, 70D, 80D
  • ACK-E8 for Eos 550D, 600D, 650D, 700D
  • ACK-E10 for Eos 1100D, 1200D, 1300D, 2000D
  • ACK-E15 for Eos 100 D
  • ACK-E18 for Eos 200D, 750D, 760D, 800D, 77D

Can EasyScanCube control the video function in my digital camera?

Yes, EasyScanCube is one of the rare programs to control the photo and video functions in digital cameras. The use of the video function requires a memory card in the camera. Indeed, in photo mode, all images are saved directly to your computer’s hard drive. However, videos are saved in two steps: first in the memory card then transferred to your computer’s hard drive. This procedure is done automatically without the intervention of the user. It takes less than a minute to go through all the procedures to shoot a video and transfer it to your hard drive.

Are cameras configured in a particular way in a ScanCube system?

We must distinguish setting up photographic parameters (speed, aperture, sensitivity …) that is managed directly by the EasyScanCube software, and setting up the camera from its menu. For the system to function properly, this configuration must be suited to distance control. To easily setup your system, ScanCube has posted videos that guide our customers step by step. These videos can be viewed on the website www.scancube.support. Note: Cameras shipped by ScanCube, unless otherwise stated, have already been set up by us.

Can I change cameras?

The licence used by EasyScanCube does not limit the use of multiple cameras. It will recognize if a camera is connected to your computer, and then automatically configure your system to it. All you will need to do when changing camera is restart the software. You can change the camera whenever you wish so long as you use one that is compatible with the system, please see our list of compatible cameras.This list is updated as new cameras are launched. If your PC is connected to the Internet, the software update is performed automatically when a new camera is validated by our development department; these updates can be performed manually if your computer is not connected to the Internet.

Is it possible to pilot EasyScanCube with multiple cameras at the same time?

Yes, EasyScanCube can control two cameras at the same time. They would both need to be Canon but can be different models of that same brand (a Canon EOS 700D and a Canon EOS 6D for example).This system is regularly used by our customers in order to take front and side views, as well as top ones using our Topshot accessory placed on top of the booth. Using two cameras at once allows greater productivity and comfort.The animation script allows you to build custom animations with 1 or 2 cameras.

Why do you recommend the use of Canon cameras with the ScanCube studio booth?

In order to pilot your digital camera, our developers need to have access to its Software Development Kit (SDK). Most brands do not allow this access, thus it is impossible for us to develop our products using their systems without infringing on patent rights. Nikon and Canon are two of the few companies that allow access to their SDK (only for their DSLR ranges, or Digital Single Lens Reflex). We advocate Canon for two reasons:
The preview on a Canon camera replicates with the best accuracy the picture that will be created, as the simulation takes into account the exposure parameters. Nikon on the other hand, only has two high end cameras which does just that. Otherwise, their previews are either far too bright or far too light compared to the final result. This issue is of no consequence to the informed user, but can be a handicap to the user controlling all the system through his or her computer screen.
Canon’s SDK allows the user to control two cameras at once.
Despite our preference for Canon cameras, we keep an eye out for any evolution by other brands.

Which cameras are compatible with EasyScanCube?

EasyScanCube will allow you to control these cameras: :

Canon Digital Reflex

Eos 1000D
Eos 1100D
Eos 1200D
Eos 1300D
Eos 2000D
Eos 4000D
Eos 100D
Eos 200D
Eos 250D
Eos 450D
Eos 500D
Eos 550D
Eos 600D
Eos 650D
Eos 700D
Eos 750D
Eos 760D
Eos 800D
Eos 50D
Eos 60D
Eos 70D
Eos 77D
Eos 80D
Eos 90D
Eos 5D Mark II
Eos 5D Mark III
Eos 5D Mark IV
Eos 6D
Eos 6D Mark II
Eos 7D
Eos 7D Mark II

United States
Eos 50D
Eos 60D
Eos 70D
Eos 77D
Eos 80D
Eos 90D
Eos 5D Mark II
Eos 5D Mark III
Eos 5D Mark IV
Eos 6D
Eos 6D Mark II
Eos 7D
Eos 7D Mark II

Kiss F
Kiss X50
Kiss X70
Kiss X80
Kiss X90

Kiss X7
Kiss X9
Kiss X10
Kiss X2
Kiss X3
Kiss X4
Kiss X5
Kiss X6i
Kiss X7i
Kiss X8i
Eos 8000D
Kiss X9i
Eos 50D
Eos 60D
Eos 70D
Eos 9000D
Eos 80D
Eos 90D
Eos 5D Mark II
Eos 5D Mark III
Eos 5D Mark IV
Eos 6D
Eos 6D Mark II
Eos 7D
Eos 7D Mark II

Canon Powershot

  • CANON Powershot G9
  • CANON Powershot G10

The 2 cameras listed below are compatible only with version 1.9 of EasyScanCube. From version 2.0 of this software, only DSLR camera types are supported (Digital Single Lens Reflex, digital reflex camera).

Some DSLR cameras don’t include the LiveView function, therefore those ARE NOT COMPATIBLE with EasyScancube software :
EOS Digital Rebel XTi /  Kiss Digital X / Digital Rebel XT / Kiss Digital N / 20D / 30D / 40D / Eos 5D