#Our story

ScanCube photo booths were born from an observation: in 2008, e-commerce was missing an efficient tool to produce low-cost high quality photos. Altawak Technologies has answered that demand by offering the first entirely computer controlled photo/video studio booth, ScanCube. Our twenty years of experience in digital imagery have allowed us to design solutions not only known for their efficiency and quality but also for their ease of use.


Our engineers are behind many of our industry’s innovations such as automatic image double cropping (patented in 2010). Today we bring to market our EasyPreset technology that automatically adjusts our studio’s settings according to the characteristics of the product to be photographed. From a click on a photo model, the user sets the parameters of the camera, the lights, the positioning and characteristics of the image. Our goal: to enable our customers to achieve true visual marketing strategy that will bring them attractiveness, SEO referencing and credibility.

#‘Service’ because our customers are our best sellers

According to our brand values, our work does not stop at developing the best tool to achieve packshots, 360° animations, enriched animations or product videos. Indeed, however effective our solution is, our clients need advice and services. We are strongly committed to this approach, which could be why we regularly acquire market shares.


Our customers may face specific problems, in particularly complicated objects to photograph, technical assistance needs, IT or photography questions. That is why we believe that our work does not end with the delivery of our photographic booths. We provide our customers the services that will enable them to maximize their investment. This may advice, assistance, training, or even specific development for a better integration of our tool into their workflow.

#The ScanCube solution around the world

Our ScanCube booths are now used in 38 countries and on all five continents. The EasyScanCube software we have developed to run our equipment can be installed in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese and Turkish. It will soon be available in Polish, Dutch and Catalan. Our company is also able to answer questions in any of these languages either directly from our headquarters or through one of our retailers.